Hatcher receives Award of Merit

Everett's painting "Bad Day for a Bream" received an Award of Merit from the Alabama Wildlife Foundation in their 2011 Flora and Fauma Art Show.

The painting "Canvasbacks" was purchased in March 2011 by the Energen Corporation for their permanent art collection.

Hatcher wins Award of Excellence

Everett Hatcher was given an Award of Excellence for his painting of a Barred Owl by the Alabama Wildlife Federation in their 6th Annual Alabama Flora and Fauna Art Show. the juried show ran April 10-16, 2010 at the Historic Lanark headquarters of the Federation. Everett has exhibited at each of the Federations shows and has won three previous awards.

Three of Everett's paintings were accepted for exhibit in the 11th annual art competition, "The Wonders of Alabama Art." The show ran March 29-April 11, 2010 at Energen Plaza in Birmingham, Alabama. Everett has won the wildlife division of this show twice.

Everett is currently working on several large paintings of butterfiles. "I'm trying something different with these paintings. The butterflies will be big - as much as three feet - and the painting style will be looser and more contemporary in approach than most of my previous work." Be sure to revisit the gallery section for new works of art.